How are tournaments run?

Othello Tournaments follow a modified Swiss Tournament model.

In the very first round, each player is randomly matched with another player. The players who win their respective matches will have a ranking of "1". Every subsequent round players will be sorted by ranking and matched with another player with the most similar ranking. Every time a player wins a game the player's ranking will increase by 1, or 0.5 if the game ends in a tie.

There is no penalty for losing a game.

Tournament games are started automatically in batches and can only be watched. Games started through the Play page are not tournament games. You can view currently playing tournament games on the Watch page. Tournament games will be prepended with a "Tournament: ".

Viewing Tournament Rankings

If there is a tournament currently playing you will be able to view current rankings on the Current Rankings page. You can also view the rankings of previously run tournaments on the Previous Ranking pages.